In this steamy, humorous drama, screenwriter Edward cullen Everett Horton (Black Rain) follows the life span of unhappy wives who may have to deal with marriage issues. They spend most of their time away from home, driving to distant neighborhoods in order to be around their husbands. Although the husband and wife may be close, there are always arguments, plus the wives can even feel used advantage of.

When two men, known as Richard (Edward Everett Horton) and Felix (James Belushi) fulfill and fall in love, they intend to get married to each other. Yet , when they bring back home after traveling for a number of days, they realize that they need to pretend to be married to avoid being caught. To make matters a whole lot worse, Richard’s family members thinks that they can be engaged, and so they push Richard (EWH) to get married to them. Nevertheless they learn that they can legitimately change all their names, Richard and his wife, Vera (Sigourney Weaver), right away leave their mother-in-laws’ residence. Flattered by simply friends, they will accept the modern names of Edward and Paul and attend a marriage held by simply Paul’s dad.

A person evening, yet , the wife of Paul’s friend, Evelyn (Diana Rossen), catches them making love during sex. She explains to her mother-in-law, Corin (Lori Singer), just who takes advantage of a chance to ruin the partnership of her son, Max (Scott Adsit), with Rich (Enyou Smith). After mailing Evelyn’s mother-in-laws to the stand, Max flees to Vegas, leaving his mother-in-law’s devastated. But Corin is not really done, and soon finds that the lady has been able to switch the workstations on her ex-boyfriend and get him to participate in her in the interesting world of sorted out crime. With help from a charming and impressive lawyer, as well as his good friend Sid (John Tutturro), Corin soon finds himself in the crosshairs of both the local Vegas police and the sinister Luciano (Lasagna).

Nonetheless despite the risk, Corin and Max manage to get away from all their dangerous environment and start with happiness in each other’s arms… By using their long-time friends, they will concoct a plan that allows them to elope without other people noticing also to live happily at any time after. But as fate would have it, a high-ranking part of the cosca soon discovers about their union and makes a decision to toss a big birthday party for Corin and Potential in order to rejoice their liberty and their union.

While using the wedding guests gathered only hours prior to the party is always to take place, it has become suddenly evident that Corin and Greatest extent are the wrong people for every other. A shoot-out comes after, and equally Max and Corin will be injured during the melee, while Corin’s pregnant wife, Laerta, is slain in the cross-fire. Now, while using the mob scorching their pumps, the newlyweds must break free of from Las Vegas, which becomes a matter of life or loss of life for them as they try to avert the law and run away into a quiet your life in La Plante, Iowa.

However , points take a go for the worse when ever two males from the lawyer, Bobby Jr., arrive at the composite in an attempt to access the newlyweds from the mafia. Once Bobby Jr. deals with to convince the mafia boss that they have to be let out of this compound, they will manage to flee the landscape with Laerta and Corin, while Bobby dies inside the fire. At this point, with the mob hot on all their tails, Corin and Max must run away from the mafia altogether, while the lawmen pursue them through the city. All the while, the well-meaning butler, Mr. Mulch (John Lithgow) attempts to help them…

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