Terms and conditions

To provide you with a fulfilling holiday, please read the following regulations. Renting a house is
equivalent to familiarization and acceptance of the rules.

  1. The house is rented for days. Check-in begins at 15:30 on the day of arrival and ends at 10:30 the next day. The minimum stay is 2 nights.
  2. An identity card is required for the check-in.
  3. Payment for the stay is paid in CASH only at check-in.
  4. During the handover of the keys, the Guest is given instructions on how to operate selected equipment of the house and elements of its infrastructure. Failure to make comments and objections to the technical condition at the time of introduction to the house equals acceptance of its condition and confirms the handing over of the house for use in a condition that does not raise comments and objections of the Guest. The Guest should notify the Host of any damage as soon as it is discovered.
  5.  Breakfast in a basket is delivered in front of the door at 9:00 am.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house. In any case of its non-compliance, switching on the smoke detector will be equivalent to a fine of 1000 PLN.
  7. The room can not accommodate more people than reported during reservation and check-in.
  8. The house can not be shared or subleased to third parties.
  9. The stay of animals in the house is not allowed.
  10. Towels and bedding (a set per stay) are provided.
  11. Curfew is in effect from 10 pm to 7 am.
  12. Hosts during the stay of Guests do not enter the rented house, except in cases of noticing hazards that affect the safety, or in case of non-compliance of the Guests with the rules of the facility.
  13. In a situation where the Guest violates the general peace and does not respect the commonly used rules and norms of social coexistence, the Host reserves the right to terminate the Guest’s stay without refund for the unused stay.
  14. Organizing social events is prohibited. Persons who are not Guests at Na Baśniowej are not allowed to stay inside the building.
  15. Items left by the Guest can be sent back, after sending the Hosts the paid label necessary for shipment.
  16. In the house, due to the fire protection requirements, it is not allowed to use any appliances powered by electricity or gas, which are not a part of the house equipment and can create a fire hazard, such as electric heaters, heaters, and gas burners. It is forbidden to bring any flammable materials, explosives, and materials with an unpleasant odor into the facility.
  17. Each time you leave the house, you must close and lock it, including the windows and the entrance gate. It is strictly forbidden to take out of the house its equipment.
  18. Please take care of the house, turn off unnecessary lighting, close the windows and turn off the water.
  19. The hosts are not responsible for the personal belongings of guests left behind or stolen in case of a burglary.
  20. In case of losing the keys to the house, the remote control for the gate (or its destruction), the Guest will bear a fee of 250 PLN.
  21. An Early departure of the Guest, for reasons beyond the control of the Hosts, does not entitle the Guest to claim a refund of the amount for the unused service.
  22. Firecrackers and fireworks are prohibited in the facility and its surroundings.